Can i use an adapter with 1000mA?

I am having trouble finding an adapter that is below 1000mA here.

Will it be dangerous to use a 9V DC 1000mA adapter with the Shruthi?

Nope, but you can power more than one Shruthi with this, if you dyi some kind of multi plug. The Shruthi will only “use” the current it needs.

it’s onlyimportant that the adapter has the correct voltage 9v or 7.5v, amperage is not an issue as long as it’s not too low. As nightworxx said it’s agood idea to use the adapter to power more devices with the same rating and polarity. you should be able to power 3 Shruthis with one of these

Search ebay for dc splitter cables if you want to power more than one. They are quite cheap.

And make sure it has the correct polarity. You want the center connector to be positive.

or diy with a 0.5cm² big perfboard and heat shrink tube and some cable.

Alright wonderful :slight_smile: