Can I power the Shruthi-1 with 12V

Hi. I want to power my Shruthi-1 with 12 V.

In the web, and the online manual it says in some places 7,5V-9V and in another places 7,5V-12V…so I am not sure if I can do it, or I will burn my Shruthi-1…
In the case of the Shruthi-1 (the transparent) it says 7-12V.
I own several 12V power-supplys that I can use, but no 9V power-supply.

It will get dangerously ( as in “we put flames on it to make it more dangerous!”) hot with 12V and if its a bit more youll fry your regulators as there is not much headroom left with 12V. For security reasons just get a 9V one - they are dirt cheap nowadays-

It works with 12V, but the problem is that power supplies often have a higher voltage than what it is said to have. So a 12V supply could just as well be 15V.

Ok. Thanks! Very quick answer!

I will buy a 9V supply then.

7.5. here, remember to check the center pin polarity.