Can I post a track that doesnt use MI gear?

I had everything setup but got into the zone and didnt use my PVK or anushri , lol

hmm… not sure you can.


oh come on it’s the ramblings section, something completely different subsection, if people can spout about new commercial synths from the big companies then surely someone can share a track with us - if rumpelfilter is a moderator of the forum and that’s official then of course I suppose that’s the answer - but if you are just polling the proles - yeah let’s hear it

Just record one bleep of a shruthi a cut and past it to the end or the beginning then you should be safe…

haha sorry I was just joking! :smiley:
I don’t have any problem with it and also I’m not really in charge of anything here.
Please post your track!

ok Ill post it , its a bit weird but feedback is welcome

But I still think you’re better safe with just a bleep… Or even a single cycle from the wavetables…