Can I post a "real" album here ? iTunes Amazon Juno etc?

Hi all I have a new album out today and it’s a " real " one not a self published one. Can I post it here ? If it makes any difference I used an ambika on 1 track and a shruthi on another :slight_smile:

Cool, congrats!


( Thanks Toneburst !)

I like it, any chance it will end up on bandcamp? :slight_smile:
Nevermind, the player is from bandcamp >_>
I bought it there :smiley:

Cool. You’re on my phone now. :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

Yes you can congrats! Btw. good that you have it on Bandcamp… it’s really the only place left to sell/buy music.

I agree, but this was all the labels doing, I was going to self publish this like the rest of my music, but itunes and other online sites are too expensive for me :frowning:

How about DistroKid ?
Anyone used them before?

Anyway, I’ll try not to derail the thread, and now will give the album a good, deep listen!

here: Synths per track:

Standoff: tr909 , Oberheim Matrix 1000

Eminent: Clavia Nord Modular g1 , yamaha RM1X

Night waves: Elektron Analog 4 , Waldorf Microwave 2 XT , Roland MKS7

Dark forest: Robert T played Elektron analog 4, Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1 ; Mike T played korg monotribe, microx , kaoss pad 1 and 2

Corona: Robert T played Roland MKS 7 , Roland tr707 , Elektron A4 , vocoder voice : Mike T played arturia minibrute korg monotribe, microx , kaoss pad 1 and 2

Fractal: Roland R8 with 808 card , Elektron Analog 4 , Waldorf microwave 2 XT

Cr02: Elektron analog 4 , clavia nord micro modular , waldorf blofeld , roland MKS 7

Tyrell corp
Roland Tr707 , Clavia Nord modular G1 , Mutable instruments Ambika

I read your story about the label not wanting to release the album because they considered it too “retro”… until Stranger Things. :slight_smile:
I guess it’s both good and bad that Stranger Things created this Synthwave mania, but if it helped you to get this album out, it’s def. a good thing! :slight_smile:

I agree! I knew if I lived long enough Id be semi -cool again!


Nice Robert. Just purchased. Congrats on the release.

Thanks hardware is making a come back!