Can I convert 4 CCs to 4 CVs with Yarns?

I dont want to convert midi notes, just CCs from a Lemur patch.


But I think this got asked enough to be worth a firmware update.

yeah I mean, its a no brainer upgrade!

Does Lemur send 14 bits CC? If so, how does it work?

Cool- I’d be interested in this, too.
Don’t know what the 4 remaining outputs would do, though.
Clock/divided clock/reset/continue, perhaps?


Yeah, something like that. Rrrrrawww mode, no other setting than MIDI channel, output range, and maybe a 14-bit mode if Lemur supports this!

yes its possible, yet not easy, needs some workaround to have 14 bit midi with lemur.

Anybody knows if this feature has been included in newer/alternative firmware?

UPDATE: ok it seems like the answer is yes! cool!