Can Elements Track 1v/oct Accurately?

Hey, long time Mutable user, 1st post here.

Recently got an Elements module and it doesn’t dissappoint. Amazing sounds, so refreshingly different.

I see that the Geometry setting also effects pitch. I figured that once I got a timbre I liked, I could tune the pitch myself, and then leaving the pitch and Geometry knobs alone, and it would track up and down the keyboard. This doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Am I doing something wrong? I did follow the calibration procedure twice. Anyone else getting it to track or is this just not what this moduke is designed to do? I love it either way and can think of dozens of uses for it, but one of those includes playing some dinky melodies or clangy basses.


Hey, it’s Mutable Instruments here! If the input is labelled V/OCT, it is designed to track V/OCT.


  • The maximum voltage on the V/Oct CV input is 5.5V. Above this, the CV gets clamped to 5.5V (without damaging the module) - so no pitch change will be heard on the upper octaves of the keyboard - you’ll have to transpose down and use COARSE to reach them.
  • It’s very, very easy to generate inharmonic (“bell-like”) sounds with Elements, which completely fool our perception of pitch.

There is “safe” zone in which Elements generates purely harmonic tones - around 10:30 o’clock for GEOMETRY (there’s a leafy thing on the background pattern at this position) Below this, the harmonics are condensed together (if the fundamental is at 100 Hz the harmonics will be at 190, 270, 340 Hz etc…). Above this, the harmonics get increasingly distant.


Thank you! I will try this out for sure.

It did work, just fine. I think part of the problem was I was using a Minibrute to calibrate via C2/C4. At least what my DAW indicated was C2/C4, but I know the Minibrute is off an octave or somthing from what is typical with most synths. I used my expert sleepers module and a diff MIDI keyboard and that seemed to be just right.