Can ceramic caps be used insteam of film caps?

I put together my Shruthi and SMR4 filter with a kit from TubeOhm, but for the rest of the filters ordered just the PCBs and sourced the parts myself from the archived BOM. I’ve built the Polivoks with no problem! However, when organizing parts for the LP2/Delay, I noticed that I didn’t have one of the film caps in the BOM(5.6/6.8n film cap at positions C31 and C32), and when I double checked the part number from the BOM for Digikey(where I ordered most parts from), I saw that the part is a ceramic cap, not film - it’s the same for the Mouser part, it’s only a film cap from Reichelt, and the ceramic cap is what I bought. Is it okay to use this ceramic cap instead of film? Thanks!

Edit: nevermind, found my answer with some more in-depth searching: “Add the film capacitors (2x 33nF, 2x 1nF, 2x 6.8nF or 5.6nF). They are clearly labelled with their value, and are not polarized. Do not put unknown ceramics here. C0G/NP0 should be fine however.” Those last two sentences aren’t in the archived build instructions.

Issue here is the parts tolerance. You want to have the caps matched as close as possible. If you find 1% ceramic caps or can match them yourselves you are good to go with ceramic ones. If not, film caps tend to have lower tolerance by design,

The Reichelt film caps and Digikey ceramics have the same tolerance, 5%. I was pretty sure that it would be fine, the official BOM wouldn’t have the wrong parts and Digikey wouldn’t reuse an old part number for something different. I’m super new to electronics though, and the part is specifically labeled as “film cap” in the BOM so I wanted to be sure. Thanks!

5% will be fine. If you can find lower tolerance the better.