Can anyone tell me what eurorack unit this is?

i was watching tides videos as I do and I came across this - ive been thinking about this as I think visually so to have a visual idea on spectral display it would be perfect. Although Id like a bigger screen

Casper Electronics OMSynth:

Dogma thing

That’s kinda cool, might be the same sort of arrangement used for the O’Toole

Answered at the same time as @6581punk did OMSynth

I stuck links in because it works better when viewing with a phone or iPad.

I noticed that this new Elby Designs 'scope module has appeared via RhytmActive, and on the Elby site, but not as a kit, alas. I mention these because Dogma is Australian, I think, as is Elby Designs.

Hey I’m matt - yup I’m from Melbourne. Does anyone else see any value in this? I use the spectrogram in my daw constantly. And on the op-1 the visual feedback is really valueBle.
So do any of these provide an accurate graph? I note that the Elba which I’d looked into previously, specifies it’s an approximation.

The Elby unit appears to use a LCD display with a rather slow update. Not really that useful. If you have a 24-bit audio interface and a computer running a DAW, you don’t really need a little scope running in your rack - just use software scopes. The rack scopes are only useful if there is no computer, but I can’t help feeling that a physical scope is supposed to have a green cathode ray tube.