Can Anyone Identify This "Synth"?

Solar powered proto for ?

It was posted on the “best looking synth” thread at Gearslutz.

What do the coiled wires do besides connect the parts together?

Its an Inductor

I’m guessing that this, from the article, has something to do with it?

“real inductors behave as resonant circuits, becoming self-resonant”

if this is a synth - where is the audio out jack?

@loderblast - The blue thingamajiggy could very well be a piezzo speaker.

Building on cardboard? not my first choice of board material. Is it soaked in petrol first for added effect? :slight_smile:

heh, most boards in the 80s were made from cellulose which is technically cardboard


My bet would be urine...

Why do you assume every Synth has these ancient 6,3mm Audio Jack as Interface to your physical world? Its as ridiculous as to think the only way to play a Synth is these Black and White Keyboard - go tell EMS about it. This one couples via these Inductors directly to your brains Stem…


oh i see. this is inovative!

not much components and you don`t even have to open the head for this kind of brain interface.

…like with the other ones around:

Man that’s fried. Brainsynth.

Is this for one of these VA Synths? Is it USB? What about the Latency?

I just don’t like anyone perforating my membrane(s).

why does he wear gloves? and btw it’s not good advice to hold a soldering iron like this!

Mmm, brains! Must go eat something…

Here you go!


Mmm, weird!

I bet the sauce tastes faaaabulous!

We have brains at every meal…

Why can’t we have some guts?