Is there an option to buy modules from main dealers that are already calibrated? I quite like the idea of buying something that I plug in, and it just works.

What sort of calibration are you talking about and what module?

All Mutable Instruments modules are factory calibrated.

I was looking at a few modules, but in regards to MI gear, Peaks needs to be calibrated, so says the online manual anyway.

That’s optional. Analogue stuff doesn’t always play together 100% perfectly, so some possibility of adjustment is there in the rare case you need it.

I repeat: All Mutable Instruments modules are factory calibrated.

The calibration procedures described in the manual are part of Mutable Instruments’ “transparency” policies - power users might want to know about them, and they are sometimes useful to offset quirks in other modules (eg: shifting an envelope down to help close a VCA that bleeds a bit; matching the incorrect V/Oct calibration of a keyboard or sequencer…). You also don’t have to do all the procedures described in your car’s service manual…

If there is any wording in the Peaks manual that makes it sound like the calibration procedure is a required step, please point me to it and I’ll rephrase it.

Under ‘Calibration Procedure’ in the online user manual>

“Set the module to SPLIT mode, with ENV function. Set all knobs to their minimum position. Fire a trigger on channel 1 & 2 with the button. Adjust channels 1 and 2 trimmers’ so that the voltage read at each output is null or 1 or 2mV below zero. You can try sending this voltage to your favourite VCA and make sure that it totally silences the incoming signal.”

The last sentence led me to believe I needed to adjust the trimmers in order to “make sure that it totally silences the incoming signal”

Thanks for clarifying that it is not necessary, phew!

It reads to me more of a THIS IS A SANITY CHECK SO YOU KNOW IT IS CALIBRATED as opposed to an instruction you must follow.