Calibrating Elements CV attenuverters?

Hello community.

I recently bought a DIY MI Elements from a seemingly professional and reputed kit builder on Ebay. The module works perfectly but the attenuverters are off, i.e. their centre position doesn’t correspond to no modulation at all. Some of them are quite off even, with the actual zero point being at up to 2 o’clock position of the pot! I am wondering if it had to do with some sort of calibration procedure that wasn’t done properly, but can’t seem to find any info on the Internet (apart from the 1V/oct calibration that works fine here). Or could it be that log pots were used instead of linear, messing up with the reference voltage?

Any info and advice would be appreciated before I take it apart! :slight_smile:

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As Emilie is unavailable - I hope it’s ok for me to reply - there’s no discussion/support for diy mutable clones on these boards. Sorry. Maybe post on muff wiggler?


Thanks for your reply forestcaver. I didn’t realise that. I’ll ask elsewhere then, cheers.