Calibrating Braids FM input to avoid signal bleed at the FM control detent position

If I connect a modulation source to the FM input of my Braids, and leave the FM control at its detent setting, I get a small amount of modulation, due to CV bleed.

If I then move the FM control just a tiny bit to the left of the detent, the bleed goes away.

I know one answer is “don’t connect any signal to your FM input if you don’t want FM modulation!”.

On the other hand, is there a way to calibrate the bleed away, either through an electronic calibration process, or by manually adjusting a trim pot?

Many thanks in advance,


This is not a bleed problem.

The problem is due to the mechanical inaccuracy of the detent - sometimes it will lock the pot at 12:01, sometimes at 11:59.