Calibrate Plaits with Ableton CV Instrument

Hey Guys, Can someone advice how I calibrate Plaits to Ableton’s new CV Instrument please?

Setup with Motu Ultralight MK3
Plaits out to Motu in 3 channel
Motu 1 Gate out to Eurorack Envelope Gate In
Motu 2 Pitch out to Plaits 1V/Oct
Have attached screenshot of settings

It states in CV Instrument to plug an oscillator (Plaits) into audio input (Motu 3 input) (Sine, Saw or Square works best) I have Plaits set to the first synthesis model, pair of classic waveforms. All knobs are turned to 12 o’clock.
Is this correct? When I try and calibrate the CV Instrument, I get the message Error! None or sufficient Control Voltage. Check connection between Audio Interface & Oscillator. Increase master volume of your audio interface.

Well the master volume on the Motu is as high as it can go.

Just been on Ableton forum and it could be that it is an issue with the CV Instrument. I will update once I receive anything.

No because with all knobs at 12 o’clock, you’re getting two detuned waveforms, good luck determining the pitch of that!

I’d suggest turning MORPH fully clockwise to eliminate the second oscillator.

Thanks for your advice.

Done that and it makes no difference. Have logged it in Ableton centrecode.
Someone else has reported this issue with their Motu Ultralite MK3 and CV Instrumnent.
Keep you posted.

works fine for me with ES-8 and Plaits.
all I do is pitch for calibrating ES8 into V/oct, then plaits out -> ES8.
(it won’t work if you have a VCA or you’re using plaits trig… as it doesn’t send gates/trigs during calibration)

I have sorted it out now thanks.

For the record, what was the solution to your problem?

Motu Ultralite Mk3 outputs were incorrect. 1&2 is 3&4.