Cable name?

I dont know what is name
of this “cable-cord”

I need it for join filter4-pole board wit control board for testing and adjusting trimmers before i join it into sandwich

I need vesion wit 6 wires-pins and wit 8 wires-pins.
I know it is easy to solder but i have reason to get it in one piece.

Please tell me name of “this” or link from Mouser or Rapidonline or Banzai.

You want some breadboard jumpwires (male to female), like these:

This particular seller has all three types (think ahead !) in one package:

  • male/male
  • male/female
  • female/female

Each of these can be separated where you want, so individual wires or sets of 6 and 8, in your case. I use these for testing Ambika voicecards, but perfect for Shruthi as well.

There are lots of places you can buy these if you only want male/female.

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That is exactly what i need!!
thank you eelco - Live long and prosper! ;:slight_smile:

I think waht you are looking for is a ribbon cable and some IDC’s (Insulation-displacement connector) (male and female)
You can get IDC connectors in various sizes and pitches (the spacing between the pins/holes).
Making your own cable requires a special tool (a sort of pliers) but the tool is very cheap.
If you go this route make sure you get the connectors and cable with the right specs.

You can use jumper wires as suggested by @eelco as well. The advantage is that you don’t need any tools to assemble them, the disadvatage is that they can be a bit more fiddly.

They’re not too fiddly, in my opinion, but some of the cheaper ones do smell bad for a day or so - you might have to leave them outside for a night or so. After that they’re fine.

LFO only wants them for testing - not as a permanent connection.

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Well for testing they are the better solution, I agree!

Thank you for detail explanation. And how to make it!
In this case I dont need for anything else only for few minutes of testing 2 boards.

Yep! Excatly that :slight_smile: