Cable lengths

Mutable Instruments woven cables? OK let’s do it!

For the first order, I’d like to avoid doing too many different lengths/color combinations. So here is what I planned:

  • Black, 20cm.
  • Turquoise, 50cm.
  • Fuchsia, 50cm.
  • Grey, 80cm.

(In equal quantities). Or maybe:

  • Black, 15cm.
  • Fuchsia, 30cm.
  • Turquoise, 50cm.
  • Grey, 80cm.

(so there’s a 60-30-10-ish thing going on)

Which length of cable do you need more often?



Plus 20-30cm for module to module or inter-module patching where it fits.

There’s no really most-used one, but kind of a 33% share for three types:

For basic inter-module connections I use a lot of 25cm cables (need more of those) since I have all the modules arranged strategically :slight_smile: and 40-50cm.

I also use lots of 70-80cm to get from the LXR and the controller skiff to the main racks

I use 30+50 most often.

I mostly have Ad Infinitum / Asys cables, which are 15/30/60/90cm

My best guess of my cable usage:

50/60cm: 45% (non-optimized paths)
20/30cm: 35% (optimized paths)
80/90cm: 15% (going between cases, or across my 6U 126HP skiff)
15cm: 5% (self-patching)

I think I prefer the first suggestion of 20/50/50/80cm, with two separate-color 50cm cable variants.

30-50 cm

Equal parts of each, I got to have 4 lengths each with a color like the second option.

And talking about colours… I like to have different colours so I can quickly trace where a patch cable goes. The more colours, the better.

I would buy mostly 50cm cables, since those seem to be the ones I need more. I only have 6U, but it helps when I need a cable and it can span (mostly) across the entire system. For some reason 20cm ends up being a little short. I would most likely buy the turquoise and fuschia ones. I like bright colors!

here also: 30 and 50cm mostly (30/60 is also fine). I also got quite a few 15cm ones, but whenever i grab them they tend to be too short. I try to keep cable lengths down to 2-3 different sizes now. For longer distances I use passive diy floating multiples (that is: two jacks soldered together), only have a few 80cm to connect to the outside world. Otherwise too much confusion.
Fuchsia and turquoise for the intermediate size would be best (i also like bright colors!).

In the first option “Turquoise, 50cm, Fuchsia, 50cm” would be 50cm available in both colours?

> would be 50cm available in both colours?


I like the first option, but can black be the 80cm? I plan to use these cables for other purposes as well as patching, and black fits the dungeon part of the studio better. :wink:

I do like the turquoise and fuchsia cables being the same length.

(sorry 'bout that…)

The ones I use the most are the 50 cm grey doepfers, but I only use them so much because the yellow ones (15 cm) sometimes are just a tiny bit too short. A 20-30 cm cable would be great to cover that gap. I guess 20-50-50-80 - first option - would be my favourite. But whatever you’ll decide - I’ll get some anyway.

And by the the way: has anyone seen these They suddendly popped out of nowhere some 2 weeks ago. Pittsburgh Modular is seeling them, not sure if they are making them or just selling them.

@janniz: Those patch cables look to have the wide mold issue of the test MI braided patch cables sent out. I have seen some braided patch cables in the pictures/videos that Oliver has posted with thinner mold diameter. I would wait for the MI cables for that reason alone. The do look to be of similar quality though, and if you really can’t wait you can be quite happy with them. I love the three I have!

I have the beta cables… super nice and the diameter is only an issue on a mult of mine.

Anyway…I would use 30, 60, and 80. I like turquoise best.

I’ll surely wait for the MI patch cords. I love the matching MI colours plus I can order them from Europe instead of overseas. And I still like the idea that they are probably only made just because some moron posted a picture of his shoe-lace-wrapped-selfmade-patchcords sometimes ago :wink:

I would buy 50cm turquoise and 50cm fuchsia cables.
Is this measured with or without the connectors?
(And is the MI colour fuchsia or fuschia?)