Cable for connecting power from my Eurorack PSU to Anushri

Hi All,
I need to connect power from my Eurorack PSU (tiptop microZEUS) to my Anushri. I see that the Anushri has 2x5 pin headers for power, but the PSU has 2x8 pin receivers for power. Is there a pre-made cable that I can get to connect this? or will I have to build my own?

(I see in here: an explanation of the pin difference)

[EDIT: Found answer here: … I should improve my searching skills :slight_smile: ]


You can buy a 2x8 pin to 2x5 cable premade at a lot of modular shops, or ebay, they are however, like a lot of eurorack stuff very expensive, compared to the individual components…

If you ever have to order something from the Mutable Instruments store that needs to be shipped in a box (like a kit or enclosure), drop me a message and I’ll add a cable.

Thanks V`cent, I ended ordering this cable, not crazy expensive:

… and Oliver, thanks! I’ll definitely keep this in mind on my next kit order (your kits are the best!)