C5, C13 Ceramic cap


I lost accidentaly one of the 100pF capacitors that came with the kit. I saw that the Farnell that comes with the kit has nomimal voltage of 50 V.
My question is if you think that it will work without problems if i put a capacitor of 100pF but of 100V of nominal voltage?

This one:

EGPU Keramischer Scheibenkondensator 100 pF 100 V/DC ±5 %


Sorry for the amateur question! But i lost my virginity of DIY and soldering with the Shruthi :))

Thanks in advance!

Since the Shruthi works only with ±5V a higher nominal voltage is no Problem. Just put in any matching Cap you can find as nowadays all caps have at least 30V+…

If you are in Germany ill just send you one, no need to pay Conrad 5,95€ for shipping…drop me a line with your address at daniels (ät) daniels (minus) cards (dot) de ; and better try the big blue R Shop… heres the direct link to your Cap


Thanks a lot, seriously! Yes, I live in Germany but if there is no problem with the 100V Cap. I could buy it directly from the Conrad shop, it is a very big one here in Berlin. You dont need to send me anything, but many many thanks for the offer.
I’m really looking forward to put that cap and start testing the Shruthi tonight, it is the last thing i have to solder :))

Thanks fcd72

OK :wink:

And: Even the Conrad Guy should have been able to answer your Question…

Ach so…

drop us a line when done q-ba!

Hi! finally i found a 100pF with a Nennspannung of 50V.
It was such a nice feeling plug in everything and see how everything was working… it was like having a child haha Today I want to tune up the filter in calm.
As soon as i finish modifying the case for the on/off switch and also sticking some transparent greys sticks to the acrylic enclosure for making it darker, i will upload some pictures.

I’m already thinking what DIY project could be the next… I love this.


For dark grey Cases look here