Found myself thinking it would be useful for some sort of bypass mode for the MIDIpal. Maybe holding the encoder down for 5 seconds? Thoughts?

That would switch into the app menu wouldn’t it?

After 2 secs, yeah. Keep holding for bypass? Not the cleanest, but with one encoder, ya gotta be tricky. :smiley:

I’d sooner wire up one of the optional inputs to a switch and use that to bypass.

I wouldn’t which is why I asked about this feature.

Unless the app menu is also a kind of bypass.

^ Isn’t the app menu a “bypass”? Whenever I am not using the MIDIpal (which is all the time for now, until my AVRProgrammer arrives) I leave it in the app menu. All MIDI passes right through.

Oh for real? Whoops! I even rtfm. Guess it should be added there, :slight_smile:

Then how about if you hold it again for 2 seconds, it returns to the last loaded app? Unless it already does this…

When in the main app menu, just a click will launch whatever app is currently on the LCD. When in the app, you have to press and hold for 2 seconds to return to the main app menu. When this is done, the app that was previously active becomes inactive automatically.

But to return to the app, you have to scroll alphabetically back to where it is on the app list? So it’s less of a bypass than an exit?

I think I get what you are saying. I memory serves, most apps have a “run” mode which can be turned off or on within the app. When returning to the main app menu, whichever app was left, that is the first app in the list you see. Same with powering down. Whatever was the last active app at power down will automatically be opened at restart.

When you hold the encoder it stops the current app and switches back to the “app selector”, with the current app being highlighted in the list. The “app selector” app lets the MIDI messages pass through. When you click the encoder it jumps back to the previously selected app. So it effectively serves as a temporary bypass.

Perfection. You should copy and paste that into the manual to prevent other goons like me from requesting it! :smiley:

awesome. Pre-orders? :wink:

I don’t take people’s money for something I cannot guarantee I will be able to deliver. These things were supposed to be shipped 2 weeks ago and no progress has been made.

Yikes… hope good news will come soon, super amped to get one.

@ pichenettes: way more elegently put than me, haha!