Buying used modules

Any of you modular owners have experience in buying used modules? Are they around much to find? Are you able to get a good deals used?

My intuition is that the kind of people who own modular are usually very careful about them - rarely gigged, and preciously kept in a cabinet :slight_smile:

Ive heard this is a great forum to buy modular gear from:

It depends entirely on format (Euro, Frac, etc,) , age , make, rareness, desirability … they are out there , just look at eBay, search (for example) Eurorack Modular … over 200 items regularly pop up just for that format. A lot of Doepfer , as people move on from that (nothing wrong with it, but it’s pretty vanilla flavoured for the most part). All sorts. Only this last month a guy broke up a serious system in Poland, but it wasn’t going cheap.
Location can also be an issue, there is a dealer located in Wonga-Balonga(or some such) in Australia , which is fine, but add postage and duty makes it a questionable purchase.
Always check for “Rack Rash”. As for deals , they exist, but don’t expect much, some modules will appreciate. I tend to buy new…Post Modular in London, Schneidersladen. In the USA , Analogue Haven sell second hand. Dude163 mentions muffwigglers, it’s a place to look, you are unlikely to get “deals” there, as it’s a modular forum with lots of hungry sharks ;-). Anything interesting and it’s a feeding frenzy.


there are deals to be had on muff. modules will go for 70% of cost or less.

Thanks for the info guys, very helpful. How the heck does a lower class citizen who loves electronic music and gear passionately, build a rig that is capable of diverse timbres? What the heck kind of jobs do you guys have that can afford new modular systems?

sigh :slight_smile:

Maybe it has to do with driving an old car if at all, not living in a big house, or… Well :slight_smile: Plus being old enough to have gotten info gear porn years ago - you build your collection slowly.

The secret to a well rounded modular lies in getting lots of different oscillators and some waveshapers. You have to have a good palette before filtering it.

What is your favorite Oscillator?

There are so many: For pure VCO there’s the Buchla-inspired PlanB M15 (now no longer sold directly by PlanB), and the Wiard Anti-oscillator.

Looking are more DCO/Wavetable oriented offerings I like the Piston Honda and Hertz Donut. The z3000 is great, there are good offerings from Pittsburg Modular and a whole host of others. The MOTM stuff is very very good - sometimes you can get it in Euro, otherwise it’s a 5U ticket. Bubblesound and Trogotronic have some intriguing stuff I need to try.

If you look at other formfactors I would rate Bugbrand as a cut above lots of other gear. I had the opportunity to hear Tom Bugs speak about his design philosophy and test his modular stuff and became very impressed.

the Wiard Anti-oscillator is actually locally available as mellako headquarters is no more than 10 miles from where I live. But alas, it is also one of the more expensive VCO’s.

They were doing an anti-oscillator giveaway on facebook a couple weeks ago…I didn’t win :frowning:

Get a cheaper “utility” VCO for starters then. The Doepfers are great fun and the prices aren’t half bad :slight_smile: The ones I mentioned above are somewhat boutique, but one shouldn’t pass up on the “ordinary” gear either. The DIY XR-VCO as designed by Tomas Henry is a fantastic thing.

Oh, plus the Korgasmatron filter for some MS-20 ispired VCF love. You can also find Polivoks filters and everything else under the sun available.


Check out Blue Lantern

there is always the Paia route for the joy of DIY …

And of course the best Muff’s forum -

Blue Lantern deserves a boycott after shameless ripping off designs by Ian Fritz and others… Hopefully they’ve (ok, the dude) managed to change their ways and sell some original work instead.

There’s a few companies with horror stories and past wrongdoings, take a peek in the Eurorack and general modular sub forums over at Muff’s before parting with your hard earned.

when you are spending 3k on a small modular setup, even 10-20% can be a significant absolute dollar amount, easily an extra module or two. There are a number of solid/fantastic modules that often trade in the 30-50% of new range. If you’re located in europe buying used doepfer is an excellent strategy but here in the states the routes for cost-effecitveness aren’t always as obvious imo. According to my records I have bought 16 used modules - on some I’ve saved as much as $125, others maybe only $30 but it adds up quickly - even if I only had saved $20 a module that’s $320, which is right about the cost of many an awesome module.

wigglers tend to take pretty good care of their stuff, if it’s beat up that’s the exception rather than the rule and will generally be reflected in the price

old style anti-oscillators last I looked (recently) were under $200 used - I think the cheapest I have seen them is about $170 (shipped). imo the single best oscillator deal on muff’s used is currently the mk1 hertz donut - a buchla-inspired dual digital oscillator that has been trading around $300 (I’ve seen a few go below)

wigglers are often an impatient bunch that want their hands on the next hot module and within a day of a listing will often drop their price an extra $15-30 (more than once) if what they’re selling hasn’t already been snatched up

Blue lantern does not have a good rep for build quality-the Bubblesound oscs (VCOb and uLFO) are great starter oscillators-mine are definitely keepers.

Hi thecyantist,
You can have a try with “ModularParts”

This website helps modular synth users to sell / trade / buy used modules. There’s many useful features and it has a responsive design so check it out on your smartphone/tablet.

Not that much Euro stuff comes up on UK eBay. I did pick up a Doepfer Wasp Filter module for a reasonable price recently, though.