Buying Shruthi right now instead of when the shop opens again


I know that somebody needs their christmas vacation, and they shall have it, but I have to say I don’t think closing down the online shop till the 5th of Jan is a great idea.
I’ve received unexpected christmas money on Monday and was determined to be irresponsible and spend it on a Shruthi instead of saving up, but I won’t be able to buy until in a week. By the time I placed the order and it gets shipped and reaches me my vacation may already be over and all the time I have on my hands now to build the kit is gone.

So… are there any other merchants, specifically for Germany or at least the EU, that sell Shruthi kits? (Before I realize that I should really be handling my money more responsibly anyway)

Nobody expect Mutable Instruments will sell you a complete Kit.

You can always tell when someone was born after the modern online ordering era started. Who here remembers when things took 6 weeks to arrive?

@herrprof ehh, it still does, if you do any shopping in China :frowning:

I can’t honestly remember how we found out about all these mail-order houses for electronics, word of mouth? I just remember getting a mail order catalog for Atari 800xl accessories for order (floppy drive $120, etc.) Those were the days. Now, anyone can order this stuff, geezzzzzz… :stuck_out_tongue:

Live by the sword die by the sword.

I’ve lived through most of the 80s but the internet has still spoiled me. I can literally order most of the audio gear I want today and have it within less than a week. So asking about the possibility to get it elsewhere isn’t so far fetched, is it?

It’s OK, I shall wait.

before the internet there was almost no way getting hands on today easy things like old electro harmonix effects, unless you knew the phone numbers of a few music shops in bigger cities.

Ordering now and waiting for 6 weeks for delivery is still less torture though than not being able to order until in 5 weeks and waiting one week for delivery. Just sayin’

Maybe try practicing breathing exercises, :D.

I’m already impatiently soldering and desoldering random crap. I feel like those korean gamers at world championships who can’t keep their fingers quiet while they have to wait for the computer to make its move for one second.

I remember the days we packed our asses into the car and drove 500 km to pick up our AKAI S6000 from the reseller. Just to save time to get this baby to our studio…

And now for something completely different:

Quitscheentchen ???

I had nothing more peaceful in mind atm…

on a more serious note again: Is there anything I can do before I order the shruthi kit except brushing up on my soldering, sampling some rubber duckies for the wavetable and reading through the manual and build instructions?

Nah, maybe check some of the recent “Can’t get my shruthi to work” threads, a lot of the issues basically revolve around pads that weren’t properly soldered… And touching the filterboard to the digital board … :confused:

Get a nice power supply ready?

Order a custom colored Case? (/shamelessselfpromotion)

case: can I do that anywhere besides the mutable instruments store? I’ll gladly look if you happen to have your own url :slight_smile: