OLED - Anyone tried?

Has anyone tried this or can anyone tell me if this is complatable with the Shruthi?

Electrically yes, but pins on the wrong size and aspect ratio different…

Bummer. Sooooo cheap.

I wonder if the pins are really on the wrong side… Did anyone try it? In the spec sheet it has the pins on the top side. I wouldn’t be surprised if the buy display site displays it upside down…

But i always end up being a bit disappointed about the buydisplay products…

The data sheet clearly shows the pins on the correct side. I guess their photoshopper messed things up a little :-).

Cool… you still have to deal with the different size of the bezel…

Yes, unfortunately. Custom case comes to mind…

I ordered the regular LCD and it was substandard quality at best. Wouldn’t order anything from them after that. I’d pay the extra $12 and get a newhaven part that u wont have to wait 4 weeks for. Once you see and try their products, you’ll understand why they are so cheap

wrote a little about here
It’s upside-down, not pin-to-pin compatible and requires firmware hacking.

I ordered a few LCDs from them a while ago. I have only used one and it was in my module tester. It’s decent, but not as nice as some others I have.

I don’t agree with altitude’s harsh critic. I have used them on quite some builds, and have also used some of their larger graphical displays to replace those with fading backlight on my SY and WS. The quality is quite good for the price. The viewing angles are more limited, and the contrast isn’t as good as on displays that cost three times as much, but that is totally acceptable to me.

Does anyone have any link to LCD (not OLED) better than buy-display in the same range of price ?

Olivier gets his LCD stuff from Xiamen Ocular, but there’s an MOQ of 100 if I remember correctly.

maybe I got a dud (it was a 40x2) but the PCB quality was pretty bad (the worst I’ve seen buying from the mainland actually, and I buy a LOT from China) and the back light was very inconsistent across the display with dark and light spots. I’m not going to pay $15 in shipping to return a $10 part, it simply goes into the trash. Not trying to be harsh but to me, paying $20 for an inferior product that I have to wait 3-4 weeks for when I can get a top notch Kyocera part for $35 in 2 days is a really a no brainer

Also the solder pads are dirty or something. They don’t like to get connected with solder.

do you have a reference for a WS replacement LCD from them?

@fcd72: Any of their 5.2" 240x64 LCDs like ERM24064DNS-1 will work.

Any of their 240x64 will do. You chose the color and have to do some mods described at