Buttons muting and changing volume

hi there!I’m again here with a new problem,the last I hope :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything seems to be working fine in my Shruti-1 but now I see that if I press switches while Shruti is playing (so while I’m hearing audio) the volume decrease significantly or even it disappear.It looks like pushing buttons also the push encoder make a contact somewhere,but this thing strangely is very random,sometimes Shruti is muted other times it only loose voice![](Do the swhitches have an orientation?It can be a problem of connection?where can I attend or test something?
thank you all very much)

The switches have no orientation, I suspect a weak solder joint somewhere (can be both on the control board, near the MCU, or on the filter board) that gets tickled by the mechanical stress.

Can you reproduce the same problem just by pressing the control board PCB with your finger, or moving the unit?

yes it appens only when the two boards have contact. I tried to pull switches while boards have no contact and Shruti plays perfectly.Do you suggest to me to put something insulating between boards?
thanks again for you attention

I don’t think it’s a short between boards, maybe something caused by the connector between them?

I’ll try to use wires instead of the connector of the kit…
( IMO this is the best way of “customer service” of the world,I’m not joking :wink: )

I think pichenettes means the solder connection between the boards… so that means all 3 parts connecting the boards. Not just the middle one. Replacing that one with wires won’t make a lot if changes. Try re soldering the connectors.

sorry but I can’t understand what you mean for “3 parts connection”.my boards are connected only by 8pins connector

three parts to the connectors , one male header, on the contoller two f-m , see here

I’m on a flakey wireless dongle , so the picture is lo-fi but should explain

Thanks Fitvideo that’s what i meant!
Do you have the spacers in place while testing? Is it build in a case? What do you mean by it only happens if the boards make contact? You can indeed make shorts between the parts of the filterboard and the control board! Watch out that the regulators don’t touch the control board! You will make shorts and damage the 165 IC on the control board.

Problem solved!
I put wires instead of standard connector,so now boards are not in contact in no way.I build it in a custom case.
thank you all for support!

let’s see the custom case , pictures please :wink:

here you are!

Funky! - nice work