Button caps

Hi guys,

I’m also looking for rather specific black round caps for a push button with a plunger diameter of 2.5mm by 2.5mm. A nice good quality switch, but a rather non-standard plunger size. I only found Omron caps to fit these, but Omron caps are extremely expensive ordering through Mouser and the likes. Anyone know alternatives, or a manufacturer in China I could contact?


Can’t you find something here Shipping isn’t so expensive. Located in Poland

You are my hero ! I was so stupid and never thought that TME has those caps, even that i order my displays here .

I’m looking for the button caps used on the shruthi XT . I know i can get them at mouser … but it would be great to get them somewhere in the EU.

Mouser distributes to the EU quite easily, so why not just order there?

yes but i have to find some other projects to meet the €65 free shipping… probably should do that. I was hoping/looking to see of there was another source already.

Because Mouser wants 20€ handling fee for whatever they think.