Burst generator in stages?

I tried several things already but it either is not satisfying or taking too much segments. What would be the most economic way (segment wise) to achieve a good burst generator in stages ?

Could use a looping green (potentiometer set to pulse) as your main clock.

Then a single stage green ramp as a decay envelope into the CV input of the clock stage.

Either use a clock divider (or green gated stage as synced LFO) to trigger the decay envelope if you wanted bursts to be regular and repeatable. Some other trigger if you wanted less regular.

Each gate at the decay envelope would then increase the rate of the the main clock. You’d probably want an attenuator between the decay envelope output and the CV in on the main clock. You could change the shape of the decay envelope to get different flavours of burst.

Probably not the most elegant solution but I think it would work?