Burnt Branches

Beltane patching.

Rings x2, Elements, Blades, Ripples, Beads, Veils, Blinds, Stages, Marbles, New tides, Old tides and Grids plus Batumi, DLD, PNW, Morphagene, Phonogene, Triple Sloth, 3 Sisters, Maths, A124-3. A148 and probably some other stuff I’ve already forgotten.

I got scared for a moment, the magic smoke never does so much damage… :thinking:

Oh sorry for alarm, Branches is one of the few MI modules that’s never made it into my case yet

there is no such module, is there?
do you mean a-142-3? or a-143-2? :thinking:

Sorry for typo, it’s the old 143-4 quuad lfo/osc.