Building Tides 1.1 firmare

I am trying to build tides 1.1 firmware and am not 100% sure which version ive built (i.e. 1.0 of 1.1)

Ive set up the dev env as described here:

All builds fine, i have the hex files.

But then i happened to stumble across a site that had pre-made hex file, so i thought id do a compare with the one I built, and it was a perfect match with what was labelled tides 1.0.hex on the site…

So, how can i be sure i built 1.1?
Is the code from the repo that latest?
Do i need to build with a ceraint switch for the latest?
Thanks :slight_smile:

The code in the git repo is the latest. It uses polyBlep, and thus reflects v1.1

Great, thx! :slight_smile:

I am jumping on the coattails of this thread, as I have neglected to ask this question for months, thinking I would encounter the answer somewhere.

While I believe I understand conceptually that firmware 1.1 uses polyBlep for less aliasing, I am curious if anyone has installed it and can report back on the change they notice? I’ve been reluctant to try to update as I was never able to update to the Sheep firmware and drove my family batty asking what color the lights were blinking (red, always red).

LOVE Tides and occasionally worry I am missing out by not updating. Does it ship with 1.1 installed? Curious as I haven’t read a thing about it elsewhere.

There is very little audible change. Just a matter of consistency with all the other modules that do use polyBlep.

It doesn’t ship :slight_smile: The module doesn’t sell much, and firmware v1.1 was not even done by the time the last batch was manufactured. So all modules are still flashed with the previous version.

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So baffling to hear that. Tides to me is one of the best, most versatile, intuitive modules out there and a centrepiece of all my patches … Love the depth and complexity of its sound when patching back UNI or BI into smoothness in audio rate mode.

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Wow! Shocked to hear Tides isn’t one of the biggest sellers! I use two…

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Thanks for the information. I feel reassured! Too bad it doesn’t sell more, but perhaps that helps supports what I’ll call its “secret weapon” status.

I love running Unipolar to FM at audio rate, can’t wait to refresh my ears with the same trick into smoothness…I must have tried it but it’s been a while!