Building my first system

[My Mutable Rack](Copied Screenshot URL to Clipboard:

Hello. I’m new to the group and in the process of planing my first Eurorack. If anyone has the time to check out my rack on modular grid and let me know what you think. Am I missing anything crucial? I already have the Neutron and the clouds is on the way. I plan on removing the Neutron as soon as I need the space. I have been messing around with VCV rack so I have a basic Idea of how most of the models in the rack work. Although I know i’ve barely scratched the surface.

From the Mutable line i would add a:

  • Kinks for CV processing, it’s always connected to my Batumi

  • Links for distribution, I’m currently thinking about getting another one

  • Ears for the external input with env. follower AND for the contact mic that serves both as sound source (for rings) and as a intuitive physical controller for CV

They are all easy on the economy, both fisical and real-estate.

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+1 for Links- super useful little module.

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Thanks. I’ll Have to check those modules out.

+1 Links is great

I have this in my rigg now

And i have all i need to just have fun with my hobby, but this is what i am aiming for

And this is my exploration case no 1.

You dont need all that fancy modules, buy doepfer modules and if you realy need som specific module pay what is cost, otherwise you can easy spend 20 grand when you can buy somthing for 2 grand and get the same result.