Building + Debugging Firmware with AVR Studio?

Does anyone know if its possible to Build the firmware using AVR Studio? I noticed some people have been able to use it to
program the MCU, but have not seen anyone using it to Build the actual firmware.


  • Daniel

I see two hurdles:

  • Replicating all the steps which are not strictly related to compilation (building lookup resources tables, generating .syx files from .hex files).
  • Having tight control on all the compilation flags for the gcc backend; to replicate the same code size/performance as the “official” build. Actually, I’m not even sure which gcc version is used in avr studio. You might troubles with the latest version which generate less efficient code than the 4.3.3 that I recommend.

Hi Pichenettes, thanks for your input. In my attempt to getting AVR Studio to compile the firmware, I have run into a few compiler compatibility issues. I had to keep the pgmspace.h from WinAVR instead of using the one that comes with AVR Studio to avoid a few of those problems. I ordered another mega644p chip that I will use to burn the resulting firmware from this experiment to not mess my nicely working Shruthi-1 :slight_smile:

If the firmware results too big in size, I read that it could brick the Shruthi if the sysx method is used to program it. Could it be reflashed after it is bricked, or the chip will become useless?

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What happens when the firmware is too big and you attempt to write it on the chip is that some portion of the code outside the 65536 - 1024 allowed won’t be reachable and will crash when the code will attempt to jump. The Shruthi-1 won’t work but if you have an AVR programmer you can bring it back to life… In two and a half year playing with ATMegas I have never destroyed/damaged one!

Needless to say, if you want to experiment with firmware modification and all: get an AVR programmer well supported by AVR studio.