Building a Spring Reverb?

Hello people of the Shruthiverse and beyond,

I am interested in adding a spring reverb to my setup. Vintage units usually cost an arm and a leg on EvilBay so I am thinking about building one. Any experience with that/quality schematics/tips to share ?

If you want one for the modular, Tom Whitwell is making an eurorack sprint reverb module

Nope, not for modular. I must not go down that slippery road :wink:

I haven’t found a good, confirmed layout for non-modular yet. The old Stage Center still floats around but some people seem to have had problems with it. If you do come across something, share! I don’t think it’s a very complex circuit, but I think the main issue is with different impedance requirements for different tanks.

I picked up a Pioneer SR-202 some years ago on eBay for $20. It’s original intent was for hi fi so its got rca in/outs. Easy swap though.

Paia has a DIY spring reverb, can’t speak to the quality.

I think i’ve seen a DIY spring reverb PCB somewhere… It must have been at one of the DIY guitar effect pages…

I found this but I am not sure if it is worth shipping to Europe…


Maybe this one ? It looks interesting but unfortunately I am not equipped to etch pcbs…


You don’t need to etch a pcb you can build with perfboard if you just follow the schematics.

And just because something was designed to be a module doesn’t mean you have to put it in one. There are quite a few power supply kits that can easily provide +/- 12/15V. I used this one recently but there are many other options,

I can’t find it anymore. I think it maybe even was here on the forum?

So i am not to sure if this is what you are looking for its a 1 watt all tube spring reverb kit from ebay.

Also on a side note if you are pretty handy with schematics i know Swart amps uses an all tube reverb based off an older amp that i think would be pretty basic for someone with tools and knowledge.

@soup : You are right, perfboard is an option. I guess I am just lazy…

@outfox : I posted a link for this kit previously, it looked like a not-so-expensive option but then I need to build an enclosure, add the tank and a powersupply…

just found this

and this and this

Nice. I bought a vintage unit off Ebay for around 100€ actually. I haven’t tried it yet but I know that one slider is supposedly ‘broken’. I hope I can fix it.

awesome links provided here, definitely some great places to start

I built one using the circuits here…

… and here…

Cool sounds but if I did it again I would add a eq on the reverb return.