Building a new Ambika. Anyone have/need spare PCBs?

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of embarking on the journey of building a new Ambika, and obviously part of this process is getting the PCBs.

Usually I would order them through my favourite Chinese PCB maker, but given the size of the Ambika motherboard PCB, and that the minimum order quantity is 5 PCBs, I thought I would ask if anyone has a spare one lying around that they would like to sell. Alternatively, if you’re interested in building an Ambika yourself, I can order them and sell one to you instead :slight_smile:

Same goes for the filter boards, happy to accept any and all offers or requests!

I’m located in Australia (Sydney), which may or may not be beneficial to postage costs.


I think i have a spare, but im in NYC. Idk if it makes it any better.