Build your CEM3379 board right NOW!

if it’s ok to report another trustworthy ebay source, here’s one for the CEM3379
located in the US.

i’ve tried and ordered one, works great.
he still has 7 pcs, and i couldn’t find any other source, at the moment.

they’re used, but the one from vintageplanet i got last year was used too, and worked fine, too!
(edit: and still does)

Man, I thought that someone had released a “build your own CEM3379 from bits of sand and plastic” kit :slight_smile:

haha not me!
ok, i better edit the title :wink:

i’d love to have a bash at creating a simple VCO synth board to sit on top of a shruthi filter board. wouldn’t that be cool??

You’d have to recreate all the CV voltages that get sent to the filter though, so it might be a push to fit the control chips etc. and the VCO onto a board of the same dimensions as the existing Digital Board.


“he still has 7 pcs,…”

Six now…

Mega thnx to pointing us on it

i’ve got it yaisssseeee