Bug With Ambika Noise Wavetable? [solved]

There seems to be a bug on my Ambika related to the noise wavetable. Can anyone else reproduce this? Try saving a program or a multi containing a part with an oscillator playing the Noise wavetable. Power-cycle the Ambika, and reload the patch/multi. When I do that, the oscillator is silent. (I guess it’s set itself to ‘none’, but the display on the osc. page still says ‘nois’). If I reselect the noise wavetable, it works again, but if I turn the synth off, the setting will again be lost. Seems to happen to me every time.

Very frustrating, as I’m working on percussion sounds at the moment, and the noise wavetable is kinda handy for that.

I’m using the latest firmware, as far as I know.


Fixed. Post mortem: noise generator was seeded with the current state of the oscillator - this works well except when the oscillator state is “virgin” just after boot.

FYI, there is no such thing as a noise wavetable (a wavetable is a set of single cycle waveform, noise is random/unpredictable, so it cannot be represented as a single cycle).

@pichenettes Cool, glad it wasn’t a fault with my build.

Point taken about the noise. I called it a wavetable, because most of the other waveforms are, and it acts like a wavetable, in terms of the way the param control operates.

Thanks for the rapid response, as always :slight_smile:


@pichenettes Can I apply the update without a programmer? I’m assuming it’s the ‘ambika_voicecard.bin/hex’ file.


Yes, you need to copy the .bin file as VOICE1.BIN … VOICE6.BIN to the SD card and upgrade from it.

Brilliant, thanks Olivier!
Did I miss that, or is it not documented?


@pichenettes I’m afraid that hasn’t fixed it for me. No apparent change, unfortunately…


Ah, no, sorry, it IS working now. I removed the AMBIKA.BIN from the SD card and upgraded again, and now it seems to be working.

Thanks again!


You need to upgrade the 6 voicecards, one by one, not the main firmware.

This is documented in the “firmware upgrade” section of the manual.

@pichenettes ah, sorry, i should have looked harder.