Buffering a reference voltage from another device

I’m working on a thing which will use a reference voltage that is coming from “outside” (another device).
This reference voltage could be coming from who knows what (current limited supply, op amp buffer with or without output resistor, etc).
I want to accept a reference up to +5V, and clamp anything else in the 0-5V range. The input should be protected from someone doing something they shouldn’t do, basically.
The reference will be used as VREF for a DAC, so the unipolar output range will match the range the other device expects (the one that is supplying the reference voltage).

This is what I have at this point:

The op amps are rail to rail in/out. The diodes are schottky.

I’m wondering if this is the best approach, or if there could be a better solution. Any thoughts/comments appreciated :slight_smile: