Budget Case options for Shruthi-1?

A friend built me a (third!) Shruthi-1 (dual-svf this time) for my birthday, but it is up for me to find the case. I was planning on just purchasing one for it right away, but lost my job before I had a chance. Does anyone have any ideas what I could store this in, and still play it?

I’m thinking about cutting the case pattern out on some cardboard, and using it that way for the time being. My other though was to get a “Slightly too big box” and cut some slots for cables. Then I’d run wires when I am playing it/close the box up when I’m not.

Anyone have any other ideas? This will hopefully be super temporary, so it will be in a safe home soon.

(Also, I don’t want my first post to sound like I’m asking for handouts. I’m totally not. Just want my baby to be safe.)

Thanks all!



I’m gonna have to find some legos. It might be less to have a case cut, lol :smiley:

An old VHS cassette box. DIY classic.

I remember someone made a Shruthi in a cigar box…

Cigar box. That’s pretty genius.

I’m pretty sure I have one somewhere that it will fit in too.

Wooden box with perspex top (drilling is a bit annoying, but not too bad if you use round caps for the switches) :slight_smile:

Hello @muffintopmusic

I have a plexi set from @fcd72 production and I can send it to you free if you can pay for the shipment. Let me know