BT spotted having a MI module!

Holy crap, I just spotted a Grids on BTs facebook page :

(also serious gear envy kicking in right about now…)

who’s BT?



Hrmm… Add a “)” to the link, or just click the correct link in wiki, textile has non-linkified the last “)”… .

Beaten to it. Also got that interesting link problem. Hmm, wonder if one can quote weird or literal URLs?

i prefer BLT. :slight_smile:

Not to diss on BT (whose work I enjoy) but anything containing bacon is worth experiencing at least once :slight_smile:

damn! the stutter edit guy!

oh, i didn’t mean to diss him either - never even heard of him.
but nothing beats bacon!

BLT is a pretty epic sandwich though :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s what i’m saying!
seeing that pic, i think i’m going to make me one right away.

[edit:] hm, but i don’t have any lettuce here, and i’m too lazy to go and get some. but i do have an avocado and a cucumber. guess i’ll experiment with those as lettuce replacements. so it’s going to be BAT or BCT - perhaps even BACT - instead of BLT…

Still not sure who BT is.

Brian Transeau, grammy nominated composer, has been at it for ~20+ years, making anything from techno to ambient music(most of his albums are ambient electro), almost always at the very forefront of the music tech thing, more or less invented stutter edit, etc…

Overall, pretty much a badass as far as I’m concerned…
Full album mix of latest album on youtube

Cool! Thanks.

Complete unknown …:wink:

well, there’s the known unknowns,
and there’s unknown unknowns.
and then there is bacon.

Sounds like Donald Rumsfeld had intercourse with Laura Deen and out popped a really hungry hippo :smiley:

BT is one of the few artists to come out of the unfortunate late 90s/early 2000s worldwide ecstasy binge that I can still listen to from time to time without grinding my teeth and stroking a soft sweater.

Nevermind: that album stream link is having the same effect.

EDIT: Here come the fog machines! Where can I get a bottle of water in this place?! Any girls in here?

I’m glad he kept moving forward with the direction he started moving towards back in 2001 (god I’m getting old) with this:

I see with the new album he’s dropping some more aggressive electro stuff as it goes on. Sounds like “GENERIC ELECTRO BASS EFFECT SONG #437” tacked on with the swelling trance stuff I remember BT for back in my late teenage club days.

EDIT 2: I just watched that music video for the first time…If you’re around 30-33 years old, don’t watch it unless you want to feel really old and think about how fucking cheesy everything was. Also the version of the song they use in the video sucks. The original remix version (also ft. M. Doughty- whoever the hell that is) is much less chatty and painfully uncool or funny.

I just realized “M. Doughty” is Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing. Huh. Bizzare. I know he quit the band and had some serious drug problems over the years, but I didn’t realize it led to him appearing on a BT song.