Broken shruthi [solved]

I just finished mine and plugged it in. The only thing that happened was that the 8th led blinked but after two minutes it stopped and now it’s continiously lighting.
There is neither a sound nor any kind of midi reaction.
If there is a damage what I think, I suspect it’s the control board, but maybe there’s just a minor mistake…
Thank you…

Have you done the voltage tests on the filter board?

What is the voltage on the “+5V” pin on the control board?

Is the ATMega644p correctly inserted?

The chip is correctly installed.
Though it is said in the instruction that I should check it, I can’t do it because I do not have a multimeter. Sorry.
Would it be possible to send it to you that you could check it for a payment? Or is it finally better to buy a new control board (without display) ? During the work I accidentally slipped of with a knife and i think i cut a trace and it took me some time to get into soldering again… This is frustrating…

my suggestion would be: get a 10-euro/dollar multimeter and do the power test…

if you’re into diy, you’ll need a multimeter.

[edit: might we be feeding a troll here? first the enclosure thing, now this…]

I do not offer a repair service for kits.

where are you from FreddyB?

figure it out yourself! you will learn a lot and with the help of the community, you’ll be much better at this stuff in notime.
first thing: get a cheap multimeter.

English is not my mothertongue (I’m from Germany) that’s why don’t know what you mean by “feeding a troll” - But I can imagine. I’m 17 years old, I still go to school and do not know much about diy synths but I’d love to get into it. So you could consider me as a raw recruit. Maybe you remember when you began with it and maybe you did a mistake and maybe you would have wished that there had been someone who had offered his help to you.
Thanks to those who do it.

(again) where are you from FreddyB?
Otherwise, you can get a cheap multimeter for 10$ / 10€. We can’t help you without a picture of your board, or without you taking some measurements.

Your english is absolutely fine for a 17 years old guy whose english is not his mothertongue.

Nobody will really be able to help you unless you are able to provide some basic measurements about your device.

well, get a cheap meter, do the voltage test and post the results (and maybe a couple of pictures of your boards), and i’m sure you’re going to get lots of help here.

and don’t worry about english not being your native language - im sure native speakers of english must be a tiny minority here. i’m certainly not one of them. :slight_smile:

How did you fix the trace that you cut?

wow, that was 3 of us saying the same thing virtually simultaneously!

You are not the only one with such problems :slight_smile: Born in Poland grow up in Germany(Berlin)!

no problem, freddy.

you will get the shruthi working! the help here is really good. it is not that long ago, that i totally failed building my first shruthi. i could search for the thread for prove, but i am ashamed :wink: i had to build another filterboard back then because i gave up on the first one.
my first reflex was also to have someone do it for me, but now i am glad i did it myself and learned a lot on the road.
the 2nd and 3nd shruthi (and a bunch of other stuff) worked just fine without problems on first power up
…and i even have an idea on how the whole thing works.

We all learn from our mistakes, some times we have to them again, and again, to learn. Good, and sufficient, tools are essential when building electronics as with every other work. Mutable Instrument instructions are among the best there is. If one does not follow them one can not expect to get help. Please get back to us when you have measured the voltages as described in the instructions and I’m sure you will get help as this community is a very helpful one.

@loaderbast I had the same problem with the IR3109 Board It was the first board that was not working at the first time!I’ve checked everything several times and I do not have guessed that the IR3109 could be broke :slight_smile: Need an new chip.

@dalkiel: i don`t think it was a broken chip, just a whole lot of bad solder joints or broken trace and maybe a bad capacitor. (but thats unlikely) i had the cutoff and resonance both working, but not at the same time… (so the chips should be ok) i still have it laying around and sometime when i am really bored i am goint to fix it and build myself a nice sidekick.

@Loderbast you could be right with the solder points(looks bad) and my the sidekick PCB is lying around here too.
you gave me hope that the chip is not broke :slight_smile:

I became a total master in desoldering after repeatedly soldering the wrong components in the wrong place :slight_smile:
Anyway, you might be surprised how easy the problem might be solved, once you check with a multimeter. The guide is quite well done in those regards (well also for everything else!)