Broken encoder on Braids

So I was trying to swap the faceplate of my Braids for a Magpie one, and I accidentally pulled the whole pin from the encoder with the knob. My attempts of putting it back resulted in not being able to push the encoder. So as I am a bit of a DIYer (building kits) I’d like to repair the module, but I have no idea which encoder I should get to replace the broken one? Any hints or links to the part (European based preferably)? Thanks alot!

The part is custom made.

Oh… kay. Is there some way I can get that part or send the module for repairs or something? I’ll pay for my stupidness for sure! :wink:

Contact me privately and I’ll send you my address. This won’t be covered by warranty indeed.

Another option would be for me to send you the part.

Great customer service! LOVE!