Broken Clouds

It looks like I might have somehow broken my Clouds for good: all the LEDs show yellow lights, and even trying to load it into firmware mode has no effect. Am I totally screwed here? Is there something desperate I could try?

Sending it back to me, I’ll have a look!

Oh, gosh, that’s very kind, thanks! What address should I send it to?

you’ll get the info by contacting Mutable Instruments here:

Hey! Got the same issue with the clouds at my workplace. Can I try and reflash the original firmware via the bootloader with a USB to FTDI converter? I got the whole vagrant thing set up finally.

Yes, you can try that. Once in a while I receive those units with an erased sector of flash. Sometimes the bootloader is intact and the firmware can be reinstalled by audio, otherwise you have to do it by JTAG or FTDI.

I tried reinstalling the firmware via audio but no response, gonna try and do it via FTDI tomorrow. BTW this is Aditya’s Clouds from Animal Factory Amplifications!