Broak my Shruthi-1?

Ok, my story.

First of all, my english is very bad, sorry

I did somthing stupid with assembly my Shruthi-1.
I swaped the 2 IC2 and IC3 ( 74hc165 and 74hc595 ) only led 8 lights up.
So i ordered some new ones.

this one ->
and this one->

Put these two on the board again and now i got something strange,
RONDOM LED patterns ! ( also without the ATMega644p ship)

Did i broak my Shruthi-1 ? or maybe the ATMega644p ship by earlier swapping the two 74hc chip`s, these are in the richt place now.

A video of the problem.

(not al led patterns are showing here, its always different)

Hope that someone can help me with this :wink:

Something is clearly wrong with the MCU. Is it correctly inserted, and in the right orientation? Are all pads correctly soldered?

Also, the build instructions recommend to test the board before soldering the LCD (LEDs 3 and 7 should be lit). Was it working correctly before you soldered it?

I did triple checked the mcu and the pads, every thing looks fine.

I was stupid enough to first solder the lcd screen.

I checked the solder pads under the lcd after this all happend and every thing looks fine under there to.


I checked the board again, all pads are correctly soldered.
should i buy a new ATMega644p chip ?

Is it posible that i brick this chip bij swaping the two 74hc`s earlier.

I have really no idea ! HELP ! I want to play this monster !

I also swaped the two 18pF with 100nF.

pffft stupid me !

hope i did not brick something.
time to put them at the right place.

Thanks for the fast reaction @ pichenettes

That’s the problem, the quartz is not going to oscillate with such heavy weights on his legs… So no clock for the ATMega644p… and it won’t boot!

Or it will only boot in glacieresque tempo - try a time lapse video overnight :wink:

I am going to desolder them tomorrow !

Thanks to you guys !

Its running, WOW what a sound.