Bring it on!

Well, I fired up my Shruti, and all systems go! I am really stoked, I can tell by reading through the forum that some of you guys know your shit, for me, this was a total learning experience. One thing I’ve learned is to think about how you are going to house your project before you build it, I kinda backed myself into a corner there, so I may have to rework some of the external parts at some point in the future, right now I am just enjoying my success.
Incedently I am having some of the same midi issues others are having, I tried to test my Shruti with an Emu X-Board and no-go. My guess is that it has to do with the fact that I am powering it via USB, unfortunately I don’t have a power supply for it, I do have a potential workaround that I will experiment with later. I know the Shruti is working properly because of the button 4 feature. (hold for 2 seconds to generate a C3 event). I am still amazed at the amount of power Olivier was able to squeeze out of an AVR microprocessor.
Can’t wait for the next kit, my confidence has definitely gotten a boost from completing this successfully, I feel like I could build anything! Now if I could only learn how to read damn schematics…they piss me off.

well, you can build anything! i had a boost too, made me finish some projects that have been waiting for some time…
ok, time to share some sounds now! (& pics)
& the best way to learn about schematics is definitely being forced to troubleshoot!