Bricked my shruthi

Hello shruthi builders and users,

I somehow managed to brick my shruthi.

Starting with amidi -p hw:1,0 -s shruthi1_1.02.syx
I also tried versions 1.01 and 0.98 from
Tried the same with aplaymidi --port=20:0 -d 1 shruthi1_0.94.mid and no success.

The shruthi is only visible in sysex mode anymore (with S6 pressed) - blank screen unless S6 pressed on boot :frowning:

The last attempt sadly w/o success was to send sysex file with midiox (thru wine) using the settings recommended here:

(all that on an ubuntu 14.04 system)

Is there any chance I getmy shruthi resetted with or without additional hardware?

I’m a total noobie on that field and I miss my shruthi.

a million thx in advance for help

You’ll have to try the firmware update procedure from another MIDI interface.

Which MIDI interface do you use?

aplaymidi --list
Port Client name
14:0 Midi Through
20:0 M Audio Audiophile 24/96

I’m using the 20:0 one.

The leds though blinked while running the procedure.!..?

Yes but it doesn’t tell if there is a missing packet. Which could happen, since M-audio has a long history of audio interfaces with lousy SysEx support…

The ESI MIDIMATE II is a cheap, but excellent USB MIDI interface that should do the job for you.

thanx, cool! i will try with that, running a test with midi-ox currently (MIDI-OUT->MIDI-IN).

Do you think amidi will do it too or should i stay with the midi-ox tool.

I don’t think it’s a software problem. I’ve done firmware upgrades with SysEx Librarian and Elektron’s C6.

the esi is sold out, do you think the Miditech Midilink mini will do also?

(esi has a 30-pin adapter)

(i will try the ESI Midi nTour CX - seems to have a female 30 pin - with the ipod 0pin to usb adapter)

MOTU Fastlane has been solid for me. It isn’t as cheap as the midimate but it also has 2in/2out and is still reasonably priced so it could be an option if you can’t find the midimate.

I experienced that my old ESI 4x4 was more stable than my MOTU Timepiece, before i switched back to my Unitor-8 interfaces. ESI has less fancyness, when it comes to features, but goes absolutely with the MIDI standard.

I will try some alternative midi interfaces:

* the “Thomann Midi USB 1x1” and if it is byable somewhere and former one not able

Maybe a friend’s midi interface will let me do the job as well, i’ll keep you informed you how it goes. Thanks for the helpful information so far!

P. S. I almost wonder today how I got that shruthi thing assembled once in some days but that makes it even more worth.

Great news!

After trying it again on Ubuntu with my M Audio Audiophile 24/96 interface and MIOS recommended [here]( - static binary - I was now able to upload the sysex file with firmware successfully to the lovely shruthi, it has now v1.02!

Only things needed were setting the MIDI output port accordingly and to go absolutely sure raising the “Send Delay” value on the “SysEx Tool” page to an even higher value, I chose 900 ms.

To be honest it worked only at the second try but that’s ok and I won’t reproduce it right now.

Cheers to all.