Briads in European shops?

Any news on when the next shipment of braids will be sent to European shops. A few are saying late December - is this likely or is it more realistic to say jam 2016?

It’s likely, but everything is possible :slight_smile:

If you are a member of Modular Synthesizer Sales and Trades on FB Kris Northern has a beautiful custom Braids module available atm

Shipped about 150 today.

Schneiders will get theirs on monday.

well i didn’t manage to pick one up for the last lot. but i determined to get one this time to fill the last hp in my lc6. Any ETA on when the next batch of braids will be in european stores?

mid april.


What about in canada. It’s been 2 months that i’m on the list…

Same for every region…

That is good news! Merci.