Breadboard friends

This has been out of stock for 2 months and I have only received 5 requests about them. Are there other people here interested in them for me to do another run?

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me :slight_smile:

Breadboard Friends is a great idea.

I would probably add one more to my next purchase.

I’m in :wink: for 1 set

I’m in. Didn’t realize they were out. Was planning on getting it next order.

I would take some!

Me :slight_smile: I was going to get me some, but they were out when I got the tester.

I’m in if you do another run.

I’d be in for a set.

Me too, will be really useful!


I would also like to take one…

me 2.

I’ll take two of them.

Okay, looks like it’s time to relaunch production then!

They are back!

And they are gone again! Just discovered what it is. Will there be another run?

I’ll leave it like that on the shop and see if there’s demand for more…

Should I send you the e-mail requested in the shop?

@loopino I have a partially built and somewhat complete set for you if you like.