Breadboard friends suggestion

First off, breadboard friends is a great idea. I like the power supply, but want to be able to handle different voltages. An easy solution is to just solder a female header in each regulator spot. That way you can swap regulators for different voltages.

So, suggestion: include a pair of female headers to allow swapping regulators.

regarding the TO regulators, can I use 12v± 7812 7912 without frying the LT1054?

Why not use 9v instead?
(Assuming for input into the DC jack)

because my modular runs on 12 and I want to test the circuit on the same voltage… anyways I could use connector from my 12v psu

but wanted to know if I could plug and play the 7812 and 7912 without further mods.

Risky. 7812 and 7912 have a dropout of 2V, so this means they will have to be fed with 14V. Your DC input will have to be in the 14V - 15V zone exactly - higher then 15V and boom, the LT1054 will blow up.

Good idea!

I tried this, but the results weren’t very consistent. I had low profile header which I don’t think was deep enough and/or couldn’t handle the larger regulator leads. At any rate, I am all for the idea but it will require a BeefierThanUsual female header.

Soemthing like this

Thereyago! Right angle that biotch!

@quarterturn, this is a great idea!
Perhaps it works even better if a 3-pin standard sized header is soldered to the regulator(s) as well?

Personally, i power my breadboard with a 16 pin Modular PSU…

I power my breadboards with this :smiley:

You could power your evil scientist lair with that!

I need the scaled down version of that. Any suggestions?

That’s a very frenchy way of doing it :slight_smile: Though one might prefer that:

Give me nukes anytime.

Have you heard the noise those fans make?

Seen any birds flying around them?

And don´t get me started on the maintenance costs…

When it comes to power, I don´t give a dam.

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But then you can only breadboard when its windy…
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thanks for the clarification Oliver.

For ± 12 V you better get a switching power PSU like a decent Meanwell or something similar - most of them do also proper +5V.