Breadboard Based Modular Synthesizer System

I can not judge how good it is but looks promising.

Breadboard Based Modular Synthesizer System

100mil spacing was already used for this
and its akward - you will have to put in the “Patchcords” in exactly an right angle else your connection will be more or less random. I already dont like these 3,5mm jack on Eurorack stuff and trust me - smaller isnt more beautifull…

…also something similar has been done with the Tinysizer

But Pete designs are about something entirely different i believe… I have his novadrone wich is a lot of fun. Especially because you can experiment or design with components while using it in a live situation. He is trying to mix the entire process from circuit design and music composing and performing into a single art form.
I think it’s really interesting and very closely related to things that are happening here on this forum. But most stuf here still has this ‘product’ stage sitting in between the electronic side and the musical side of it. Although the open hardware concepts are really trying to open this up.
Modulars already tent to have this a lot less because a single module does very little on it’s own.

I made this some time ago; it’s a modular lunetta synth. Is more or less the same concept :]

wow! beautiful project!

makes me think of the death of the deathlehem machine forum

@Silesius that’s really cool!


Wow… its great designe. Where there are sound examples ?

Link (me up), Please.