Branches not working properly

My branches does not seem to be working properly, that is, it’s no longer random. When I send a gate or trigger into either of the inputs, no matter what position the probability knobs at, the outputs alternate between A and B. If I put an LFO into the CV in, when the LFO is in the positive then the output is all on one side and when it goes negative, the output is reversed. Do I have a dud module?

I swapped the cable with one off of another module and both branches and the other module work ok, neither one has been moved and I’m sure that all the connections were ok.

> Do I have a dud module?

Try connecting the module to your rack using another cable - because your symptoms are those of a missing -12V rail!

If it doesn’t work, send me back the module.

Thanks pichenettes, all sorted!

Was it the cable?