Branches latch mode?

I want to confirm how latch mode works with Branches.

what i need is to be able to send a gate to the input, have one of the outputs stay high until i send another gate at which point that same output would go low. can i do this with branches in latch mode?

So the module wouldn’t do any randomization, right? It would just go back and forth between one channel and the next?

i believe. what i need is a module that i send a gate to an input, and the output goes high (5v), and when i send another gate to the input, the out put goes low (0v). does branches do this in latch mode? i read the manual but i don’t fully understand what latch mode does.

From my experience: if the knob is in the middle you have a 50% chance that gate will be high per channel.

eg: if you sent 100 tiggers, the gate would be equivalent to 50% of those gates being high. Because there is still randomisation you could have 3 triggers = high gate then 10 = low then, 2 = high then, 3 = low then 7 = high, etc…

If you enable both the toggle mode and the latch mode, and set the knob fully clockwise, the module will behave as you describe: on the first gate, the signal will be high on output A and low on output B, on the second gate, the signal will go low on output A and high on output B, and so on. So you’ll get the odd numbered gates on output A, and the even numbered gates on output B.