Branches CV range question


I don’t have a Branches yet, but am looking at getting one. I glanced at the schematic (this open hardware/software stuff is SUPER AWESOME BTW, so good on you MI!) and if I’m understanding this correctly, it looks like the probability control in normal mode would only really respond to CV levels between -2.5V and +2.5V. So if the knob is in the center position, one should attenuate a +/-5 Volt LFO signal if one doesn’t want dead/sticky spots at the ends of the probability swing? Thanks!


Only if the pot is in the center.

If it is fully CCW, the module responds to CVs between 0V and 5V. And if it is fully CW, it responds to CVs between -5V and 0V.


Yes, gotcha. Sounds good! Looks like I better get one of these! Thanks.