Braids + Warps in a small setup

Hello people. First post here. Want to say hallo to everyone!
I recently started a small Rack and will pair it with Reaktor Blocks and an Analog four.
I already have Braids. Would just Braids and Warps be a good sound generating combo? I know Warps has an internal Oscillator. Would Braids be sufficient as partner. Or would you add another simpler Oscillator? I really have to save space. I always loved the sound of Rings but maybe the Braids/Warps combo would be smarter in a small Case for getting a higher amount of different sounds…
Any comments would be great, thanks!

Modules I have:
Braids/Maths/Disting/Tangle Quartett

Modules I’m thinking about:
Warps and a small filter vs Rings/Ornament and Crime/Espert Sleepers ES-8

Braids and Warps are a good combo.

thanks for the clear answer :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if one would usually send simple waveforms to warps and make it complex then. Most of the Braids sounds are rather complex. Sure there are sine waves etc. But do I use Braids in it’s full potential then? I guess I’m thinking completely wrong here :slight_smile: Just asking.

First, there are many different uses of the Braids + Warps combo that do not involve “making a tone from Braids more complex”. For example, you could crossfade or mix a sound from Braids with a sub-harmonic sine generated by Warps internal oscillator. Or use Braids as a complex FM source for Warps’ sine. Or use the vocoder model in Warps with a narrow pulse as a carrier and a swept tone from Braids as the modulator to build a kind of harmonic oscillator.

But let’s assume for a minute that you patch things in such a way that Braids generate a simple tone and Warps wavefold or distort it…

> But do I use Braids in it’s full potential then?

… Braids has 40 or so models, but it doesn’t mean you’re using only 2.5% of the module when you find a model you like and make a good use of it in a patch.

There are many flavour of “pure” tones in Braids (sines, stacks of sines, ring-modded sines, FM, wavetable, wavetable chords, filtered noise) that you won’t be able to get from another oscillator anyway.

Thanks again for your answer. I see. And I love Braids already for it’s more “pure” tones. I use more gentle sounds very often.
Thanks for the patch tips I’m sure it will offer me a huge pallet of sounds for 26HP.

Hi again. I don’t want to open another check my rack thread, so I use this one.
But I really try to decide between warps and tides in this setup. I know they do completely different things but I could imagine both making sense here.

Either warps, turning my braids into some more complex osc, or Tides as another voice (and sound source to excite rings) or by demand another great modulator.
Warps would leave me another 4hp for a filter or anything else. I guess links would make sense. I used stackcables for multing so far. The Analog four (or the Octatrack via Analog four) does the sequencing.
I heard demos of Tides as Osc and it sounded really great. Can you give me some advice here? Thanks

Warps. The AD / AR / LFO from Tides… can be done to some extent with the Maths. The VCO bit from Tides… can be done with Warps.

Thank you for your comment pichenettes!
Would you recommend links for the remaining space? I guess I’m pretty low on mixing/multiples… The tangle quartett has a mixing function.

Tough call, a filter will provide a lot, while you won’t get much direct benefits from Links. As for mixing, you have Warps, Maths and the Tangle Quartet…

Of course, didn’t think of warps for it’s mixing and vca capabilities. And maths as well. Didn’t have to use it as mixer so far. Thank you very much