Braids + Warps - how to patch?

Hello people.
I asked the same question on muffwiggler but it seems I won’t receive any replies, maybe I sound too dumb, don’t know. I’d love to read some ideas, about how people use them together. Do you think particular algos in Braids are well suited for use with warps. Pichenettes already gave me some nice tips in an older thread.
I was reading comments on the warps thread about those together could be like a complex oscillator and the combo was compared to the shapeshifter regarding versatility. Reading the manual I understand it that way, that warp’s internal osc would be the carrier. In regard of sequencing, when making melodies, would you rather send the cv/oct to warps as being the carrier? Or send the same sequence to both oscs. How is it usually done in a complex osc? I guess, there are no rules of course, but some insights would be nice. Thanks!

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I have been wondering sort of the same thing, in terms of “what are the staple sounds of the 259(-style) complex oscillator”. I’ve really liked what I’ve heard of people messing around with complex oscillators, but I feel like I lack the reference points of like “here’s some common sounds/timbres”